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The original item was published from 1/4/2023 1:59:00 PM to 1/4/2023 2:02:54 PM.

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Posted on: January 3, 2023

[ARCHIVED] FAQ - Garbage and Recycling Toters

Later this month (January), the City will be collecting and replacing your existing recycling Toter and delivering a 64-gallon garbage Toter. Properties will receive one 64-gallon garbage Toter and one 96-gallon recycling Toter, unless the property owner makes selections. 

Recycling - You have the option to select either a 96-gallon or 64-gallon Toter and select additional recycling Toters, all at no charge.

Garbage - You will be provided with one (1), 64-gallon Toter at no charge. You can choose to receive additional 64-gallon garbage Toters. A quarterly fee of $37.50 will apply for each additional Toter.

No garbage outside of a City-issued Toter or in any other container will be collected

FAQs (updated at more questions arise):

Why is the City making these changes and can they all be summarized? Discussions regarding changes to the City’s solid waste collection program took place for much of 2022 at City Council meetings. There are several goals related to the proposed changes. The first and most important is to mitigate short and long-term injury from repetitive heavy lifting to City employees responsible for the collection of solid waste which will be addressed by having a unform container that can be mechanically lifted. Further, the existing recycling containers are beyond their warrantees and have been failing to such an extent that they were causing serious injury. The other primary goal is to attempt to reduce the overall the amount of garbage/waste produced by implementing a pay-to-throw system and eliminating and replacing the existing solid waste collection fee with a fairer and more equitable fee based on usage. The discussions have culminated in the  program as summarized below. 

  • All single-family dwellings and two to four-family dwellings will be issued a 64-gallon garbage toter and a 96 or 64-gallon recycling toter per dwelling. 
  • The utilization of garbage toters beyond the first toter will involve a quarterly fee ($37.50 per quarter, $150 annually). 
  • Tax-exempt properties that elected to have the City collect their garbage will be charged from the first toter. 
  • All recycling toters will be free. 
  • No garbage outside of a toter will be collected. 

When will billing commence? Billing will commence starting with the second quarter of 2023. This will allow for at least two months under the new program without any charges to assist in determining if a property owner did really need additional toters or not.

Will landlords, non-profits and other multi-family properties still be charged the $160 annual solid waste collection fee? No. The former solid waste fee was eliminated and replaced with a fairer and more equitable fee applied to those using more of the solid waste collection service. 

What are residents supposed to do with garbage that does not fit in the tote? A 64-gallon toter is double the average 32-gallon container and statistically speaking based on the garbage the City collects every day, should not be an issue for the average household. The average kitchen garbage bag is 15 gallons and you will be able to fit 4-5 bags of garbage (depending on how full and compacted) in a 64-gallon toter. If you need to throw out more than 4-5 bags of garbage each week, it is recommended that you first evaluate methods to reduce the waste you produce and potential alternatives to throwing items in the trash, such as ensuring you are recycling all recyclable materials and composting to reduce the waste produced. In the event that you need more room on a rare occasion, consider asking a neighbor if they have room for a bag in their toter or holding non-perishable garbage that is not recyclable until you have room

When will the garbage and recycle toters be delivered? Deliveries are scheduled to begin the week of January 30th 

What is being picked up in the delivery? Old recycling toters will be collected and upcycled. Any old garbage containers that property owners do not want as well will be collected if left out

In the past, large cardboard boxes which would not fit in the recycling tote could be flattened, bound and placed next to the recycling toter to be picked up by the City on the scheduled recycling pick-up. Will this practice continue? Yes, this practice will continue. However, all garbage and loose recycling material must be placed within a City issued container. 

What if the property owner’s are going away for an extended amount of time? The current plan is to deliver to the address, but if the property owner needs a separate arrangement, they will need to call DPW to schedule a later delivery date, 585-396-5060 

For whatever reason if no selection is made from the postcard what will happen? They will receive by default (1) 64 gallon garbage toter and (1) 96 gallon recycling toter

Why does the automated phone message ask for a 5 digit PIN when the postcard only has a 4 digit #? Just enter the 4 digit PIN provided to you, this will still work and is being addressed with the company

How can I add additional toters after I’ve made my selection and they’ve been delivered? Contact the Treasurer’s office to make the request, they will then coordinate with DPW on supplying a residence additional toters. (Additional toters are $37.50 quarterly each)

I have multiple properties and on the postcard there is no indication as to which property the postcard is for. You’ll need to call DPW and speak to Leslie to find out which postcard corresponds to which property.

I have a 3 family home, will I automatically receive 3 garbage toters? No, unless specified you will only receive 1 garbage toter. Additional toters can be requested and will be charged $37.50 per toter each quarter on your water/sewer bills.

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