Arbor Day 2014

Mayor Polimeni reading the Arbor Day proclamationThis sugar maple tree replaced a blue spruce originally planted in memory of Thomas E Allen at Baker Park. It was the first of 75 trees to be planted throughout the city this spring. Each year Mayor Polimeni reads the National Arbor Day Proclamation.

Volunteers trimming and placing the roots to prevent girdlingMany of the city trees are bare root trees unless the variety does best balled and burlap. With the bare root trees, it is possible to properly place the roots and trim them to avoid girdling.

Some organic matter can be added to the soil to cover the roots. Mulch is then placed around the tree assuring that the mulch does not extend up the tree flare.

Volunteers returning the soil to the hand dug holeAfter the newly planted tree is staked for stability a Treegator is secured around the tree. Canandaigua City has been using Treegator bags successfully for several years. Water needs to be refilled each week through to the autumn when the gatorbags are removed.

Volunteers attaching the treegator for wateringTreegators allow water to trickle into the ground encouraging proper root growth down and out from around the base of the tree. If a street tree is planted near your home, you are encouraged to fill the treegator with water each week.

Volunteers adding water to the gator bag