Patrol Division

Police Department SUVUniformed police patrol is Canandaigua's first line of defense against criminal activity within the city. Whether motorized, on bicycle or foot patrol, members of the Patrol Division provide a rapid response to a myriad of emergency situations that arise on a daily basis in the City of Canandaigua.

In addition to providing crime prevention, patrol duty, and timely responses to calls for assistance, the Patrol Division staff is responsible for the enforcement of traffic and parking regulations on the 40+ miles of roadways in the city.

School Safeguarding

New Canandaigua Police Department Badges Issued September 2008The Patrol Division also is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding school children at busy intersections when going to or returning from school. The School Crossing Guards, a non-sworn part-time unit, is scheduled and supervised by Patrol Division Supervisors. In the absence of a School Crossing Guard, a uniformed member of the Patrol Division assumes the crossing guard duties.


The staff of the Patrol Division consists of one Lieutenant, six Sergeants, fifteen Police Officers and two School Resource Officers. Ancillary duties also performed by Patrol Division members include Crime Scene Technician, Range Officer, Department Armorer, and Field Training Officer.