Fees & Permits

A Guide to Fees & Permits for Building & Signage

When do you need a building permit?

A Building and Use Permit is required for any new construction, enlargement or major renovation of a structure within the City limits including the following:

  • New Homes
  • New residential, commercial, industrial or public buildings
  • Creation of any new dwelling units in existing buildings, or major rehabilitation of existing units
  • Additions to existing buildings, including new kitchens, bathrooms, porches, patios or greenhouses
  • Structural alterations to any existing buildings
  • New installations of solid fuel burning equipment and chimneys
  • Swimming pools, either in-ground or above ground
  • Garages, storage sheds and carports
  • Fences, even when replacing an existing fence
  • Signs over 2 square feet
  • Any change in use of an existing building, whether or not alterations are required
  • Any interior / exterior work involving utility replacement
  • New roofs and gutters

Please note, this list is not all inclusive and you should contact the Building Inspector before starting any home improvement project.

A Building & Use Permit Is Not Required for Maintenance of Existing Buildings

Including the Following:

  • Painting (except on historic building when changing colors)
  • Insulation and storm doors and windows
  • Repair of porches, steps or walks
  • Siding (except on historic buildings)

If the building is in an historic district, any new construction, exterior alterations, additions, restoration or demolition must be reviewed and approved by the city planning commission before a building permit may be issued. Please contact the planning office at 585-337-2180 before undertaking any major work on an historic building.

Sign Permits

A permit is required for the erection of any sign larger than 2 square feet within the City, including portable A-frame signs and flags with a commercial message.

The City's Sign Ordinance has rules concerning the size, location, content and number of signs permitted in different zone districts. Copies of these rules, as well as applications for a sign permit, are available from the Building Inspector's office.

The application must be accompanied by the following information:

  1. A detailed drawing showing the size, location, construction, materials, colors and lettering of the proposed sign and any related elements such as lighting and structural supports.
  2. The written consent of the building owner, if other than the applicant.

All signs must be reviewed and approved by the City Planning Commission before a sign permit may be issued. You may obtain an application to the Planning Commission under "Planning and Zoning". The application should be accompanied by scaled and colored drawings as well as photos showing the location of the sign.

Building Permit Application Procedures

You may obtain an application for a Building and Use Permit from the Building Department. The applicant should be accompanied by scale drawings and construction documents showing the following information:

  • Lot dimensions and boundaries
  • Locations of any existing and proposed structures on the property
  • Building setbacks from all property lines
  • Locations and sizes of any proposed utility lines
  • Proposed landscaping and site features such as driveways, parking areas, sidewalks and plantings
  • Building construction documents including plans, elevations, sections and specifications in such detail as the Building Inspector shall require

For any new building other than a one or two family accessory structure, the site plan and architectural design must be approved by the City Planning Commission before a Building Permit may be issued. An application must be filed two weeks (14 days) prior to the second Wednesday of each month when regular Planning Commission meetings are held. Work sessions are held after each formal Planning Commission meeting in order to discuss informal applications for major development projects.

Fee Schedule

View the Fee Schedule (PDF).