Heritage Trees

The City of Canandaigua Tree Advisory Board (TAB) hereby creates the designation of "Heritage Tree" for the purpose of identifying note-worthy trees of special significance in our community. Recognition and conservation of these trees is important to maintain the community character of the city, however this is an honorary distinction and does not result in any restrictions on the tree or homeowners property.

Characteristics such as size, age, species, history and aesthetics can lead a tree to be designated as a Heritage Tree. A group of trees, or an area of the City, may be designated as a "Heritage Tree Zone" for the same purpose.

The Heritage Tree Program is a way to both honor those trees that have played a role in our past and recognize them for the enjoyment of future generations. Trees are nominated for Heritage status by community members to the TAB for review. Those trees that meet the established criteria are then recommended for Heritage Tree designation and approved for official recognition by the TAB.

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